PMI Mentoring Programme
About project
The Mentoring Programme is a social network that helps you find a mentor who can help you, or a mentee whose life you can change or help to improve.

Status of the project -
As an attempt to revive the Mentoring Program pilot project, we took the opportunity during ECC lunch table discussions at LIM 2019 in Dublin to investigate whether the interest of the region's chapters was still present.

The bottom-line of the round table discussion as well as in the following ECC conference call on May 21st, about how we can give a new start to the program and decide on pilot chapters ready to take part in the Program, as well as making other mandatory decisions, we decided the following next steps:
  • Decide which Chapter should be Lead on the reconciled project/program
  • Decide which other co-chapters to be nominated and included
  • Select Project Lead
  • Select Project Owner
  • Achieve ECCIT approval on the revised program
  • Prepare Project Charter
  • Decide start-up/kick off and duration
Since some of these actions require decisions done by the individual chapters' boards, we will set a deadline until mid-June within decisions and elections are formally made, and then informed to the ECC community during the next ECC Chapter Liaisons' call on June 19th.

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